Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hey guys ! :) it's being a while . Ok, actually, i'd like to update this blog, but it's seems i got alots thing to do. yeah, it was like "alots" zzZZ  ? fineeeee, i do have nothing to say, aaaaaaand, i spent whole day to game. what??? there's a rule that we can't play game? neah~ 

Ok, today we'll going to discuss about GAME. 

Last night, me and my cuzy play the PES 2010 (for those boys, u know this game well right? unless u don't play football) . Well, we played for just an hour, i mean from 8.00pm - 4.30am ? what?? yeah, it was just an hour for us. sometimes, we play for 24 hours. OWNED! :D 

Right that time, my aunty just complaining. Here's the thing, My cuzy is a married man. And my aunt just wondering, my cuz should vanish the hobby. 

My question is, Is gaming just for teen and single individual, and not for those have family? 

On my opinion, i think, u do your responsible in taking care of your family and responsibility as a leader is good enough to show that u are mature. Game is just a part of hobby. As on long as, it'll not effect and u're not affected on it.

And if you have different thought and idea bout it, please feel free to comment and share. ^^, see ya later!