Traffic jam, grrr!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Ok, today i do really2 stress out!

u know why? i drive for about 2 hours. yeah, i know. 2hours is around 80km at least a journey. NO. HELL NO! i spent all that time just for 3km destination okayyyyy...

grrrrr! i hate it! to much car in a small town. why was government dint'  take an action to take control this "car birth". imagine that that traffic is from 7am- ?? (i can't even know how much time it's take) maybe for the whole day.

and oh! PLUS, the lorries is on road! i meant, in TOWN? seriously? trailer? gosh! please, it's heaven for those money lover and worst for road user man.

i'm really hope that someday this freaking minded traffic and lorries get a hell on their on way.